Making 3D Graphics Fun Again

This page higlights several of my personal projects. I have also included a few professional projects which are in the public domain.


Objective C, 3D Format Processor

A cross platform library (macOS, iOS) that converts files supported by Assimp into SceneKit scenes.

  • Supports geometry.
  • Materials (both color and texture).
  • Cameras.
  • Skeletal animations.
  • Serialization to .scn format.

AssimpKit-iOS AssimpKit



Python, Scientific Visualization

Work @ Enthought

A python application and library for 3D scientific visualization built on top of VTK, with seamless integration with python scientific libraries.

  • Upgrade the VTK Compatibility to 5.10, 6.x and 7.0
  • The upgrade to 6.x required an extensive refactor to use VTK’s new pipeline architecture while ensuring backward compatibility with old VTK 5.10 version, which used the old pipeline architecture.
  • Various other bug fixes, reducing memory leaks and release related tasks.